Corporate Social Responsibility

  In the face of fierce competition from globalization, the nature of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) has become increasingly critical. With the trend of expansion internationalization gradually, we put a lot of efforts constantly into thinking how to fulfill CSR with the root of our strict and sincere corporate culture.

  CSR gives many expressions in all aspects. However, the most basic structure is not only to gain legal profits by the way of respectful business ethics but also make benefit to help with all the staff involved in the company. Our main clients come from leading international brands who also devote much attention to the performance of factories in human rights, industrial safety and environmental protection. 

  TTH value corporate governance, stick to be loyalty and honesty. The goal toward achieving balance profits among shareholders, employees and all stakeholders engagement.
Under the essential principles of absolutely obeying, acting but not never breaking the law, TTH strives to create economic value, protect labor rights, take care of employees’ physical and mental in well health.
While making profits for shareholders and investors, on the other hand, TTH assist in social contribution with paying taxes to comply in accordance with the law and environmental protection

  TTH care for our employees from all over the world as treated them like a big family. There follows the Code of Conduct with providing employees for comfortable, safe, sanitary work environment and offering well-pay, social security, overtime respect local Labor Standards Act. With this commitment, TTH treat employees fairly and follow anti- discrimination, educational training, heritage experience is indeed implemented.

  Regarding to tax on financial statements are settled accounts in accordance with relevant local government laws and regulations, it is verified by well-known accountants and duly forwarded to public investors to conduct tax on time. As for environmental protection by saving energy and reducing carbon emissions, our attempt at projects had continuously improved in the field of using less raw material, water/air pollution prevention, reducing waste stuff and reuse of recycled materials etc.

  TTH firmly believe in carrying out CSR commitment is great value creation that would make the most competitive advantages to the company as a result in having higher values for the shareholders. Thus, this had a great effect upon win-win situation for all stakeholders engagement that could lead to promotion of sustainable development and management being a respectable company.